Thursday, 22 December 2011

What are Poker Marketing Codes?

Online poker has become a popular choice for many players around the world and, with any gaming, there is always a need to find a bonus. Poker marketing codes, better known as poker bonus codes, are incentives to maximize player’s potential winnings. There are different kinds of bonus codes and each one serves a different purpose. Before using a poker bonus code you should consider how it will benefit you and if there might be a better bonus available to you. Some careful searching in Google should net you the proper information.

Not always readily available, these bonus codes sometimes offer the player free money in amounts most often between fifty and two hundred dollars. Finding these codes can be tedious at times, but some patience will usually net a winner. Besides the free money bonuses, some codes will match your initial deposit up to 100% of a capped amount. If you deposit $20 then they would give you $20 on top. The amount that will be matched can often range into the hundreds and sometimes thousands. Determine which poker marketing code will best suit you before jumping in.

First time players of an online casino will often get a healthy poker marketing code to start them off. This serves as bait for new players and can be beneficial for both the player and the casino. The casino gains new players more readily and the new players get free money, generally. You can’t argue with that logic!

Finding these valuable poker bonus codes can sometimes become a bit of a challenge. The more valuable the code, the tougher it will be to acquire. Conducting a thorough search using Google can often result in the right codes to maximize your profit potential and get the most out of your deposits. If you haven’t made up your mind about which online casino to play poker at, then you have a much wider net to catch the right bonus code with. If you already use a specific online room, you can try talking to staff about offers that may not be advertised or displayed anywhere on the web just yet.

All-in-all, if you use a bit of patience and savvy, you can find the proper poker marketing code to increase your deposit amount and increase your chances of being able to handle that pushy big stack player on the table. This means more winning for you and money in your pocket!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Online Poker Room Selection Should Be As Careful As Hand Selection

It seems that many online poker players simply don’t know why they joined the online poker site that they are a member of, many saying that they simply listened to the voice of others that they knew that already played at the site but that shows that they could well be missing out on action at a site that is better suited to their ability at the tables.

Although choosing a poker room online could seem like shooting fish in a bucket, you have to look at the broader picture when it comes to calling one of the many poker rooms your home, I mean just because PokerStars are the biggest online poker room in the world does not mean that it is the right one for you. 

Poker sites like PokerStars have been in operation for many years and do offer you a great sense of security when it comes to loading your funds into the site but with the recent ‘Black Friday’ incident that happened within the market, players from around the world, not just the United States, were questioning their decision to join the site.

As the world’s number one online poker room and one of the most recognised brands in the industry, you would be forgiven for thinking that there is a firm home for any player within their members base but the fact is that the quality of players using the site can prove to be the downfall to any new online poker player as there are poker sharks sitting in wait at almost every single stake level imaginable on the site, including the big name professional players that we all love to watch and follow within the poker circuit, who grace the higher end stakes. 

Finding the right online poker site for you is about more than listening to where others play or who has the biggest professionals at their tables, you need to ensure that if you are going to be gambling your own hard earned funds, you have a chance to be able to compete with those seated with you at the tables, no one wants to watch all of their deposited bankroll slide over to an opponent within the first few days, let alone hands.

For poker players that are looking for an online home to play poker at, make sure that you search for UK poker site reviews from sites that are run by players, for players. Unfortunately these can be hard to spot as there are a number of affiliate sites out there that are purely looking to make money through sending you to sites in which you are likely to lose money on as they are the highest paying. 

If you are looking for a new poker room, make sure that you look to make full use of the poker bonus codes that are being offered by sites to new players within their promotions as these will enable you to get more poker play for your money and could result in you making bold steps towards bigger money returns.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Online Flash Games Raises Parental Concerns

Free online flash game Happy Wheels has left parents lost for words and angry about the release of the game following the aim of the publicly open flash game being to race a character through an obstacle course in which the racer is just moments away from being dismembered. 

Although parents have actively expressed their disgust at the free to play game, young gamers across the globe have been flooding to play the game, in numbers that are currently only rivalled by mobile smash hit Angry Birds.

The game has become one of the most searched for free online games on the internet right across the world and with the monthly search volume just within the United Kingdom being more than half a million visitors, you can imagine the impact of the game worldwide.

Although there have been objections towards the game, removal of the title looks unlikely to happen and due to the demand for the game there have been a number of sites that have moved to offer the game solely within their catalogue, a bold move that shows that the webmasters believe that they can make a profit from only offering one game. 

One example of this sort of site is who have made a decision to make the game the centre of their offering to visitors, again a bold move but one that the owner believes will be able to pay off in the long run once the site is recognised.

The Happy Wheels full version is also available online for players to enjoy with new levels and racers ready to make the run from the start to finish. 

Have you played the game yet?

Thursday, 24 November 2011

UK Online Poker Market Gains 4 More!

I know that the online poker industry is gaining a wealth of new players every single day but it seems that I have done my part to help the growth too, convincing four of my mates to come join PokerStars so that we can arrange to set up regular online poker games between us, so that on the nights that we can’t all make it out, we can still catch up. 

So Robert, Andy, John and Phil have all finally joined me at the site after 6 months of me nagging at them to come and play online but they have maintained their historic views for the full length of that time, finally caving in when I told them that they can even get free online poker funds from the site and all they need to do is stay active on the site.

So now I have those four ready to lock horns with me on the site, I thought that I would appeal to any of the other guys and gals that used to go to my college or university to contact me or join the site and look out for my old nickname as we are looking to get maybe a weekly meet sorted out on a regular basis. 

Why am I using PokerStars I know some of you will be asking but with the site being widely regarded as one of the top online poker sites in the industry and the fact that they offer the facility for us to hold private games with just those players that we want to invite able to play, it was a no brainer. 

I know some of you feel that the challenge could be a little too much for me to handle but believe me when I say that I have been working my way around a few of the top poker sites and have learnt much more than I knew back in the days of sitting in the student house kitchen with Maria the weird mute wondering about the house while we were trying to win what was left of each other’s student loans!

I think that we’ll start off the proceedings with a few weeks of lower stakes and see what people want to do from there but there won’t be any chance to play for free on these games as we all need to have funds deposited into the accounts.

If you would rather not use your card, give me a shout if you live close to me or have Paypal and I will send you the cash over into your player account (meaning sign up to the site first!)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

UK Poker Market Booms As American Market Shows Strain

Unless you have been living under a metaphorical stone for the last few years, you will know that the online poker market has continued to show a huge amount of uptake across the globe but recent events in America have left players and poker room operators with a challenge on their hands following the introduction of the UIGEA legislation that was designed to prevent US residents gambling online as the government looked to prevent the country economy falling into the same situation that a number of European countries are suffering from at the moment. 

The news that online gambling is now illegal in a number of American states meant that players and gaming operators were having to seek alternative methods in which they can still compete within the vast online gambling market, something that has not proven to be as easy as many would have thought. 

Although some of the online gaming operators have since seen a huge drop within their US based player base, those that are providing gaming to the UK market have seen an influx of new players that are tuning into the thrill and excitement of online gambling, some sites even claiming that the boost in UK members has helped to cancel out the loss of Americans from their player base. 

The revelation that UK players are now showing such an interest in UK Poker Sites is causing more competition for the accolade of being the number one online poker site for that new stream of players and that means that you as a player are able to unlock some of the best online poker bonuses that you have ever been able to.

Online poker bonuses are designed to be a draw factor for new players that are offered by an online poker room so that they can lock that player into an account with their brand, something that ultimately means that they are able to take money from that player in the form of a house controlled rake. 

Now although all online poker rooms make money through this method, one online poker room realised that there was a gap within the market and looked to offer their games without rake being taken, being promoted as giving you the chance to obtain all of your winnings from a hand, rather than seeing a percentage go to the poker room but PayNoRake failed in their bid to take over the online poker market and have been left out as more and more poker sites appear offering much more attractive deals to new players.

Do you play online poker? If so what made you choose the poker site that you are playing at?

Deciding On An Online Casino For Me

I have recently begun playing online casino games in a bid to prevent my frequent trips to the local casino and I have to say that after finally deciding on which online casino to play at, I’m enjoying every moment of it. 

I’m a big craps and blackjack fan and have always taken the chance to have a flutter when given the chance but sometimes I have gone months without being given the opportunity to free up some time in my hectic lifestyle to actually get myself down to Gala Casino and actually make a night of it. 

If you like to play casino games but have not moved over to an online casino I would strongly recommend that you give them a go, the chance to be able to play for as long as you want, when you want has proven to be something that has led to me playing most nights and with the bad comes to good times, last night was a very good night. 

Although I like to have a bet here and there, I’m by no means a full time gambler nor am I what many would consider to be a ‘high roller’ or ‘whale’ as I like to keep my stakes low so that losses are minimal and my funds go further, something that is important to me as I’m not the usual gambler that is looking to strike rich from playing, I just like the way that playing makes me think and feel. 

So if you want to find an online casino that would suit your needs, you need to think about what you want from the site that you would be potentially joining as listening to others or seeking the casino with the best casino bonus is not the best way to choose where to play as everyone has a different desire when it comes to something like gambling, I mean would you buy a t-shirt that I said I liked without looking at it? 

The best way to choose the right casino site for you is to simply try them out, have a look at some of the reviews that are about on the internet but also take the time to try out the sites before depositing your money into them, putting your hard earned money into a site that you are unlikely to play is only going to be a waste of time and money while you switch the money back into your account. 

Some online casinos are currently offering a number of free spins within their online slots games, something that is designed to attract you to their site but if you aren’t a slots lover then it is likely to be little more than a tactic that is used to draw you in, shop about and be happy with what the site has to offer you overall before you make the steps to add funding.

Oh, and gamble responsibly!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Passing Time With Online Blackjack Games

Well I have a taste for online poker at the moment and so far I’m going well at the tables but once again it seems that my attention span only stays with me for the duration for a full MTT so at times I have to think about a change of game in order to keep myself in the mood for gambling.

With online poker the focus levels need to be on point at all times as one moment of lapse can prove costly when it comes to no limit poker, so by the time I have finished in the tournament I need a break, something to relax me a little.

So with the thrill of betting still running through my veins I decided to turn to online blackjack games as they are a little more relaxing than the tense atmosphere I generate when I sit starring at the computer screen in a bid to try to pick out betting patterns and other telling signs.

Surprisingly my efforts at the online blackjack tables seem to be going rewarded to, but that could be down to my low stakes and relaxed stance, playing to tried and tested method of taking a card when I have a hand below 16 and sticking firm when I have anything above that.

Okay so that isn’t the best strategy but at least there is a reduced chance of going bust, meaning that I am always in with a shot of winning the game.

I have been playing blackjack for a couple of days now and I have to admit that I am enjoying the buzz that comes with it, just not enough to draw me away from the strategy and skill needed to be a profitable poker player.

I’m not going to win huge amounts of money when it comes to blackjack as I have been only playing low stakes but it’s a welcome break from the poker tables while keeping me entertained.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Celebrities Face Wrath of TV Bosses Over Secret Messages

I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! is in full flow at the moment and the public are tuning in to see the latest trial that will see celebrities be put through their worst fears but it seems that amid he anger of the public at the level of so called ‘celebrity’ that has enrolled in the programme are below par, it seems that ITV bosses have bigger fish to fry. 

According to reports today the bosses of the show have vented their anger at allegations that two of the stars that are currently in the show are suspected of sending “secret messages” home through code, revealing information as to who is has been lined up to do the trials before the announcement is made to viewers.

The cover was blown as The Only Way is Essex star Mark Wright was revealed as one of the camp members that are sending home messages, the breaking point of the news coming through the TOWIE star’s sister Jessica Wright, who revealed that Mark had been selected to do a ‘Bushtucker Trial’ before it had been announced to the general public. 

Miss Wright turned to social network site Twitter to tweet “Ahh Marks got to do the trial! So Proud of him. He has a private sign to his family and he did it twice.” 

Mark is not the only celebrity in the jungle that is reported to be sending messages home, Dougie Poynter has also revealed to The Sun that he and his girlfriend had devised a secret sign in which he would perform but he would not say any more than that.

ITV bosses are thought to “livid” about the situation and are thought to be monitoring the body movement of the stars in the jungle to see if there are any recurring movements that could be seen as signals to the general public, friends and family. 

The story is set to upset bookmakers that are offering I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here 2011 betting as they will be worried that signals that are being sent by the stars could be used to inform others of happenings within the jungle, allowing those that are looking for the signs to be able to cash in without risk.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

All This MW3 Talk - If I Join Is My Life Over?

Well I haven’t tried out the latest game from Call of Duty but the amount of buzz surrounding it seems to be pushing me towards buying a new games console and then getting into the war zone with the reported 9.3 million other users that have bought into the game on just the first day! 

Now I’m not one that likes to follow the crowd, infact I would ensure that i’m the guy walking up an escalator when everyone else is coming down, but the marketing power behind the latest release seems to be pulling me towards the closest games retailer and buy into the epic encounter that so many have cared to share online. 

While looking about for further information on the game that could potentially leave me housebound and without a life, I found this: