Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cheltenham Festival Is Just Around The Corner

Well I have a love for gambling that has been fuelled by my success at the online poker and casino tables but I could never have imagined the enjoyment and the thrill that I get while watching something that I have a wager on unfold, pushing me to further exploration of the online betting markets such as horse racing betting.

I have always considered horse racing to be something that should be done live and during a drunk fueled day out at the local racecourse with friends and family but this year I feel that I should have a play with it from an online presence, one that will eliminate the hangover the following day and a way that will ensure that I have my head about me when I decide which horse to back.

So with the Cheltenham Festival betting odds seeming to be very attractive on a number of well respected horses, I think that I will hold off placing my first horse racing bet online until the Cheltenham Festival, after all the meet is one of the biggest within the horse racing calendar.
Four days of betting with plenty of action to be had will mean that I can really get into the thrill of the horse betting sector, wagering on outsiders as well as favourites over a number of races that will be watched by millions all over the world.

The highlight of the festival has to be the Cheltenham Gold Cup and I will be looking to carry an initial stake plus the daily profits that I make from the prior three days into the competition, I mean there is no point doing this on a small scale is there?!

I will definitely be looking to take advantage of the free Cheltenham bets that have been listed by sites like as they will double my stake without doubling the purse, so overall a very attractive deal.
With Cheltenham tips and odds popping up almost everywhere at the moment, I will be sure to shop about for the best odds at the time of placing my bets.

Why don’t you join me in my new venture? Do you fancy betting on the horses and letting your hair down a little?