Thursday, 18 July 2013

Temple Run 2 Update Increases Unlockable Features

With the Temple Run series of games still very much in action across the mobile community, Imangi Studios, the creators of the title have once again moved to increase interested in the game by offering up a new update which has seen the addition of three new unlockable characters for gamers to play with.

In a bid to keep the game fresh and still relevant to those of you that will have racked up loads of gold coins and distance over the past 6 months, Imangi have now given you something to aim for as you now try to get the chance to take on the Temple Run challenge ahead of you as Jack Wonder, a footballer themed character as well as the chance to run the gauntlet as either a different explorer which seems to come from Indiana Jones themed fame or even a conquistador!

Although the game update simply increases the playable characters that you can use, like many of the previous updates there have been a number of bug fixes that should help to make your gaming experience a little smoother than before although I am still looking to see what notes there are on the release of the update to be able to pin point anything noticeable that could have been fixed.

I’ll be sure to update you guys a little more when I have more for you.