Friday, 28 October 2011

Breaking Online Poker Review Sales Pitches

I have been about in the online poker industry as a player to know when something that I read about one of the online poker sites I’m interested in is actually truth or just sales patter and it seems that there are just so many UK poker reviews out there that are looking to push players into the poker room without really offering them a clear view of what the player has in store.

I guess this is down to the huge affiliate market that is now in operation within the industry that has seen online webmasters create sites that are purely designed to usher players to the online poker room that is offering the best affiliate reward for the players that they are able to send. 

The ‘Black Friday’ happenings that saw the DOJ take control of the top three online poker room domains while they were investigated over financial matters suddenly caused a huge shift in the way in which online poker affiliates were willing to push their visitors, suddenly the site that they had listed as the ninth best online poker room before the introduction of the regulations has become the number one place to play poker… Shocking but true. 

So when looking about for a new online poker room, I always look to find a site that seems to have an open selection of online poker reviews, a site that has given you the insight that you need specific to each UK poker room and left you with the choice of which online poker site to play at, not passing you through a funnelling process which will ultimately result in you heading to the same online poker site that they are tipping as the best at that present time.

To break through the sales pitch you have to think about the terms used within the review, look at whether the review has been written by someone that sounds like they have played on the site and make sure that they have both good and bad things to say about each site… No online poker room has no faults! Remember that!  

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Who Knew Blackjack Was So Much Fun?

I have been a dedicated poker player both on and offline since the time that i turned legally old enough to be able to gamble at the local casino close to where i leave but after recently returning from a trip to Amsterdam by ferry i seem to have unlocked a new excitement in my life. Blackjack.

Now i know that the game is not new, hasn't been hidden in a dark corner of the far away lands or even been altered in terms of how it is played but the simple fact is that with my love for poker being as strong as what it is, i began to fall into a sheltered vision when i came to gambling, all i wanted to play was poker.

Whether that was down the the fact that i have a good success rate at the poker tables or whether i have never really given much thought to just sitting at a chair and facing off against the dealer alone, i have always enjoyed the competition of challenging more than one opponenet.

Well as any of you who have ever been on a ferry overnight will know, the casinos on the ship don't tend to have poker games available and this ferry only had Blackjack and Roulette tables in operation so decided to follow the crowd and join the Blackjack table.

Adopting the stick above 17 tactic when the dealer was showing a low card, i quickly realised that the success to Blackjack was not completely in your hands if you were not the first player to act, other players were unknowingly influencing the outcome of your hands.

Well that is something that i can really get my head around and at the time of closing the table, i found myself up £230, not a bad nights work for someone that wasn't really interested in Blackjack at the time of bording the ship.

Now the winning has sunk in and i have worked out the small amount of work that i really did during the game, i know that i will now look for the best online casino that i can find in order to fuel my new found Blackjack obsession.

Not quite as big as my poker one for the moment but i will be playing online blackjack much more than i was before the trip and hopefully i will have an even better time at the tables than on the ferry!

Any suggestions for where to play? Let me know!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Need New Website Idea, Anyone Suggest Anything?

Well the time has come where it need to consider gaining a second income and that for me means that I will have to create a website or something online that can be managed from home, after all, working one job during the day is hard enough! 

Now I have been thinking about what I could potentially offer to readers but without going too personal and boring you all with what I had for breakfast and who said what while at work, I obviously need to choose something that is going to be easy for me to write about.

So with that in mind, I have been looking to what I could possible advise others on based on the knowledge that I have already and I guess that I can either offer a football skills related site or something to do with my online poker experiences.

Like many kids these days I have played football since I could run in a straight line and my poker playing experience has seen me pocket a pretty penny over the past few years, so this is what is making me think that I should share a little poker knowledge with others that are looking to increase their win rate?

Would there be a call for this if I was just another of the millions of online poker players that won’t disclose the full winning value of my earnings or will my daily poker tip really help others to improve their game? 

There is so much work that will have to be put into the site to compete with some of the biggest sites out there on the market and having a lazy streak in me at the moment I’m not sure that I am ready for that battle just yet…?

Do any of you guys have any ideas on what I should include on either of the two sites?
Surely there needs to be more content on the site than a poker tip here or a how to football exercise there…?

Answers on a postcard please!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Finding Trustworth Online Casino Reviews

When you are looking to begin your journey within the world of online casino gambling, it can be a daunting task trying to find the best online casino for you to play your online casino games at and many users turn to online casino reviews sites.

Because many of the reviews are written as if the writer has actually played at the online casino that they are commenting on, it can be hard to remember that many of the online casino review sites out there simply buy in their content from writers who have never even signed up to the casino, let alone played it long enough to be able to recommend it to you!

So filtering through the many online casino review sites that are ready to point you to the best casino that you could find can be hard, but not impossible.

Take for example, I have been speaking with the owner of the site and he is a well known online casino player that has written about his experiences before, for a number of big online casino related sites and magazines.

If you are looking for honest online casino reviews then I would strongly suggest that you head to his site before you make your decision on where to create your account and especially before you deposit into your wallet on the site.

Although it seems that he only has three sites that are being reviewed at the moment, when asked why he doesn’t have the huge list of sites that other online review sites have in place, he simply said that he wanted to only review the sites that he knew and loved, meaning that visitors to his site were getting good, honest and experienced advice.

Want to check out his online casino reviews or just look at the four basic online casino tips that he has for online gaming, then head over to his site and have a look into what he thinks about the sites that he has spent the last 6 years earning his trade on.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Travel Home - Need Mobile Fun!

Well it's been one of those hard fought days at work today and now I have to travel home for what could be an hour or if traffic is bad then maybe two!

Not so bad when someone else if driving but now I need to entertain myself during the journey home otherwise I'll fall asleep - yes it's been done before!

So while looking for something to do on my Blackberry I thought I would have a look for a world of wealth that I could share on here with you guys... But instead I have ended up playing Angry Birds Rio online at the site where I managed to find Bloons tower defense 5 the other day!

Have you played it?

It's a spin off of the original version of the game but the storyline has taken a change, now your angry birds are trying to save other birds rather than attacking alien pigs!

Still trying to save them all but should keep you busy from whatever you are trying to take a break from!!

Give it a go and write a little review on it and I'll either post it on here or link to it!

Oh and for the record, posting on here is not easy on the blackberry curve!! So excuse any typos!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Does SEO Really Come Cheap?

With so many webmasters now looking to outsource their Search Engine Optimisation efforts to ‘experts’ found on the internet, I decided that I would have a look into the quality of services that are out there waiting for you to throw you money into without seeing a return, ever. 

There has been an influx of people online that believe that they can offer SEO services that work based on their own findings but the fact of the matter is that the majority of ‘cheap’ SEO agents out there are using outdated, spammy or unproven methods in which to conduct your link building process.

This means that all of those gigs that you are looking through as a positive step for your website are not only going to be poorly executed but also carry a high risk factor for your sites, done like this not only to save time but also as the person doing the so called SEO has nothing at risk, you do.

Getting to the top of a search engine like Google is not an easy task if you don’t have the knowledge to be able to do so but that doesn’t mean that you should turn to the first SEO ‘specialist’ that you come across as the likelihood that they will know more than you can be quite slim.

Okay so not all SEO consultants are going to have the knowledge that the major players in the industry do but there are far more people out there trying to convince you to part with your money than people that actually know the niche inside and out.
Now no one on the planet other than those who work within the Google team that creates the ranking factors, truly knows the requirements to be able to rank in the number one spot for your chosen term but people out there like UK SEO Jordan Graves, actually invest their time and effort into looking into the workings of the search engines, trying to forecast the way in which the internet giants actually work, these are the people that you need to be employing in order to see a strong return for your investment.

SEO Companies on the open web vary from price to price, dependent on the level of SEO that you are about to receive from your step forward to better your website and business. 

Finding an independent SEO consultant will mean that you will be able to avoid the large monthly fees that you can expect from better known SEO companies but the fact of the matter is that there are a number of the employees from within those companies that are looking for additional work within their own time, a perfect opportunity for you to get all of their expertise without the huge price tag on a monthly basis.

So with the overview of SEO services being offered cheaply, yes you will find them out there but they will be spammy, unsafe and completely unstable, often consisting of Scrapebox, XRumer or Link Wheel processes... 
If you want success you need to build your site and your online SEO presence on a firm foundation otherwise you will find out what rough waters really are once the search engines catch up with you!