Monday, 16 July 2012

How to Make Horse Betting Online Fun

The Race Day
For those who love horse racing and even for those who don't, there's a lot to be said for the excitement of a good race day. Suit fresh from the dry cleaners, gloriously oversized hat adorned and a wallet or purse stuffed so full the catch won’t do up. It's likely the catch will certainly do up come the end of the day, but at least you had a great, fun, sociable occasion. But if it still doesn't do up and you placed a few bets, that fun day is amplified tenfold, you just got away with it!

The Win
The reason you had so much fun is because you won, and if you won several times, the better! So how about this? Online, there exists a way where you can have your bet on your favourite or well tipped jockey/horse for free. Many major online bookmakers use incentives as way of signing up new customers. Typical incentives are those (as of Jul '12) such as Ladbroke's £50 first bet match. The way it works; you place your first bet up to the bookie's offer amount, the horse wins you get paid and you get another bet of the same amount for free to place however you wish. If the horse doesn't win or place, depending on your bet, you still get the matched bonus.

The Free Bet
This bonus then becomes a
free bet in essence, meaning you get another go, another rush of excitement and another dose of fun! So brush off your best top hat or dig out those heels, get online and take advantage of those free bets and have some serious fun next race day!

If you want to find the best horse betting odds with the great free betting offers attached to them so that you get more for your stake, made sure to check out sites like this one to see what the major book markers have on offer for you.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Where Is The Thrill In Horse Racing?

Sports betting has always been something that I have liked to play around with and often place bets on the football games throughout the Premier League season but with the rise in sports betting revenues increasing year on year and the fact that mobile sports betting is expected to carry further growth, reports claiming it could be as high as $45 billion ayear by 2017, where is the attraction in betting on sports such as horse racing?

I have always tried to be cautious when it comes to gambling and tend to look for bets in which I think carry a low risk but these often return low profits but a profit is a win however you look at it, but when it comes to horse racing, especially in the races that carry a larger number of runners, the betting odds seem to go firmly out of the window!

I recently took a trip to the races close to where I work and although the night was great, the horse betting aspect seemed to leave me completely baffled, there were odds on favourites coming in last place, the firm outsiders rushing towards the finish line in first place and generally a complete miss match of odds and tips that seemed to leave punters guessing rather than betting in the know.

Now I guess that this is all part and parcel of the horse race betting experience but for me even the lure of free betting offers and promotions online aren’t enough to make me even think about betting on the horses at any other time than with friends at the racecourse, but there were avid gamblers that were genuinely dropping thousands of pounds as races finished.

Now it might be down to the relationship that I am in but the thought of having to walk into my house and face the wife with the news that I have just dropped £3k on the horses and have come home with little more than a stinking hangover to show for it, scares the life out of me.

I think that I’ll stick to something a little less unpredictable and keep winning in smaller chunks of profit rather than looking to back that outsider at 120/1 and seeing them coming flying past the winners post…