Friday, 16 March 2012

Bodog Poker Offer Clarity Through Poker Hand Histories

Online poker room Bodog Poker have hit the poker news headlines following an announcement that they have now created a new update within their offering to members of their site that will be sure to shake up the industry a little more.

With recent times seeing a number of sites looking to increase their offering to their members, PokerStars offering a new ‘Zoom Poker’ variant and others trying to increase their game selection and tournament schedules, Bodog Poker have taken firm steps to keep their head above the rest.

With alterations being made to the site there has been a new influx of tables within the site that have now become ‘cloaked’ for players as they play the games without their user name being exposed in a bid to keep the higher profile players secret from regular players and with the site now making heads up tables into this format they have been able to achieve their aim to convert their new feed of new members into those that are looking for rakeback deals rather than the more conventional free funds offers that so many sites offer.

So called professional players have kicked up a fuss about the increase in hidden opponent games as they are now unable to request hand histories in relation to their opponents, meaning that they are unable to read into their playing style and their mentality at the poker tables, something that US poker sites professionals have used to gain the advantage where they can.

Bodog Poker have now listened to their members and have opened up the hand histories of all of the player’s hands but have taken hand histories into a new era by releasing a complete open book of information by providing all of the hole cards data for all players that were involved within that hand to.

Obviously hand histories are designed to offer you insight into your methodology and strategy but is this giving out too much information or will we all be looking to collate huge files of play names and hand histories in order to take your play forward?

Monday, 12 March 2012

BlackJack Online Bonuses Overlooked By Online Casinos?

Online casino operators have been placed under questioning from a sea of online blackjack players that feel that their love for one of the most popular casino games today is being overlooked by the sites as they fail to offer specialised bonuses designed to benefit the players of the game.

Players have seen a sea of increased online poker, slots and bingo bonuses being offered throughout the industry but the online blackjack bonuses that are offered by online casino sites have been described as being unsuitable for someone that is looking to spend their time playing at the online blackjack tables.

Although the industry seems to be moving towards offering bettors more action for their money, players have highlighted the fact that the online blackjack bonuses that are offered by certain sites would be better suited to a smaller game within the selection that the site has to offer, with bigger, higher stakes gamers saying that they are put off depositing more funds into sites as there is no visual benefit to their investment, something that will be sure to have sites sit up and take notice.

Increased television exposure of casino games has been a huge help to the world of online casino games as viewers are turning to the comforts of their own home to play the games that they love to play and with increased popularity within the online element of the game, more higher stakes players are now calling for bigger and better bonus offers to be rolled out by the sites.

Currently the highest online blackjack specific bonus that we have been able to find seems to offer a 100% first deposit match to players looking to take on the dealer but with other online casino games being offered as much as 300% matches on their different casino game variants, blackjack players are calling for the online casino operators to catch up with the demand and level out the playing field.

With demand comes supply and we are sure that we will see a number of bigger online blackjack bonuses being rolled out throughout the market as sites battle for control of the players that are looking to take their betting virtual.