Sunday, 13 April 2014

Whoa! Don't Miss The Xbox One Deal I Just Got

Hi readers,

Sorry that I haven't updated the site for a while but I have been busy with moving house and all that comes with it but I wanted to make sure that I touch base and let all of you gamers have the chance to be able to grab the cheap Xbox One deal that I picked up today.

Speaking to a friend he told me that Tesco had reduced the price on their Xbox One console + Titan Fall package to £349, making it £50 off the price when they first came out but then while I was looking for a voucher code to make it a little cheaper for me (yeah moving house has left me with limited cash flow at the minute) I came across the site and it seems that they have a code on there that works and knocks £10 more off the price!

I can't remember the code I used exactly as it was just random letters with a dash in it but you should be able to get it easily as its the bottom one on their Tesco page (

It doesn't say when the voucher runs out but with the discount making it cheaper it may well be grabbing one sooner than later, I mean £10 is £10 isn't it.

Right better get the unpacking done so that i have the time to play on it now!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

GTA 5 Fights To Become Highest Grossing Console Game in History, So Far So Good!

So you might have heard that there is a new game out on the market for gamers to sink their teeth into, I mean with the marketing strategy being to teaser and please you would have to be out of touch with the gaming community not to know it, Grand Theft Auto 5 is now alive and kicking… Literally!

With years behind the development and a budget that many of the latest Hollywood films to hit the cinema would have dreamed of, Rockstar Games knew that their latest addition to the popular GTA series was going to have to bring its ‘A Game’ if it was going to achieve what they had set out to do… Become the best selling game of all time. Queue evil laugh…

With improved graphics, storylines, missions and much more on offer, the game offered a promising sense of achievement even before the game hit the shelves on September 17th and following its reveal during development, reviewers revealed that they thought that the game was going to be strong enough to overcome the title of being the highest grossing console game of all time, a title that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 occupied.

Statements showed that Rockstar Games were not about to let the FPS shooter hold the crown much longer and early predictions for the new GTA addition tipped the game to make over $1 billion within the first month, something that seemed to be extreme at the time of comment but that is almost a reality already… Just 2 days after release!

According to figures being passed around the games news industry, GTA5 smashed through the entry gates of the sales market, securing over $800 million in sales on the very first day of release, seeing over 1.4 million copies of the game being taken home and loaded into a gaming console as the player looked to unlock the secrets held within.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 did well on their first day of release, making $500 million on release day and taking a matter of weeks to clear the $1 billion gross mark but on the rate of demand of the latest offering produced by Rockstar North, GTA 5 should clear the $1 billion milestone in a matter of days, helped by the fact that the game is still to launch in Japan and Brazil.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Whoa! Google Forces Me To Clean Up!

I know that i'm not the only one that has been threatened with the prospect of being thrown out of the limelight that is the Google search results but the difference between me and the other guys that have been slapped with the huge Google tickle stick is that I don't build backlinks! Or even try for that matter!

So over the years I have had a number of websites that I have spouted my garage on and it seems that every once in a while there will be a couple of people that like the abusive nature of my rants (mellowed out a lot since) that they decided to share it with others via one of these so called backlinks.

I have no problem with people sharing that about and don't monitor the situation in any way but it seems that although I haven't posted on these sites for years, Google is now taking action against me for not keeping a clean (link based) house.

Warnings of unnatural links pointing into my site shouldn't bother me as the site mentioned has never been more than a hobby site that never made money, hell it had no way to be able to do it as ads are evil! 

So now, without the willing to loose my website into the darkness of the coveted Google bin, I have been forced to get someone to come in and tell these linkers that its time to stop linking into my site and move on... 

So speaking to a couple of guys that I knock about with they mentioned something to do with a UK company that offer the service for a one off fee and it depends on the number of links i have into my site (Google, you owe me the frigging money for this so if you read this let me know where to invoice!).

I contacted them to see what they said about the site and so far it seems that they know what they are talking about anyway, so should be interesting to see what sort of recovery the site makes with those guys doing the work while I leave it to rot as per usual haha!

Oh, the site doing the work for me by the way is, they seem nice enough (but not really someone that deals with this sort of thing normally so take them as you find them!).