Friday, 27 January 2012

Online Slot Machine Games for Real Money

No matter how many varieties of games a casino offers, it does not feel complete without slot machines and the "ka-ching" sounds they make. Slot machine games are easy to play, which is why they attract a number of people. The popularity of these games is also reflected in the online gambling industry, as almost every online casino today offers them. Not only do the casino sites offer different varieties of slot machine games, they also try to replicate the casino environment with state-of-art graphics accompanied by realistic audio. But if you really want to enjoy online slot machine real money games, here are a few things you should consider.

Software used by the casino

Nothing can beat the experience of playing slot machine games at an Atlantic City or a Vegas casino. But then, you cannot spend a lot of money and time in visiting these faraway casinos every time you want to enjoy slots. This is where the online casinos come to your rescue. Playing online slot machine real money games saves you both money and time. But for realistic online slots experience, you need to look for a casino site that uses the best gaming software, with excellent graphics and gaming environment. To avoid making simple slot gaming complicated, you should look for user-friendly casino sites with easy game controls.

What the casino offers

Besides the software and the virtual gaming environment, you also need to consider the game variety and the bonuses that the site has to offer.

Bonuses - One of the best parts of playing online slot machine real money games is the bonuses that come along with them. While the welcome bonus and the deposit bonuses are offered by most online casinos, the special slot bonuses are offered only by a few. To make the most of your online slot gaming, it is best to look for sites that offer these exclusive bonuses for slot machine games.

Game variety - Slot machine games are simple to play, but they can also get boring and monotonous after a while. That is why, the larger the variety of slot games on the site the better it is for you. There are thousands of online slot machine games today, but not all sites offer all of them. So check out the different casinos offering slots, compare the variety of games they offer and pick one that offers the kind of slots you would enjoy the most.

Reliability of the casino

When you want to play online slot machine real money games, one of the most important things to consider is the reliability of the online casino. When wagering your money through the internet, the only way to ensure its security is to choose a casino that is trustworthy and ensures security and privacy of the players. To know if a casino is reliable, read its reviews, and see if it is licensed and regulated by a reputed jurisdiction. Also, as online slot machine games depend on the RNG (random number generator) software, it is important to check if the software is tested and certified for randomness by an independent authority like eCogra or TST.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Boxing Calender Fires Up As Betting Hots Up

The sports betting world has been forced to sit up and take notice of the number of high profile fights that are scheduled to take place this year and that means that normal bet makers that are more used to placing their bets within the local bookmakers are now turning their attention to the host of online sportsbooks that are offering betting action in order to keep up with the number of bouts that they are interested in betting on.

Boxing news of late has been dominated with the news that one of the biggest fights in recent history has now been put into action, seeing Floyd Mayweather Jr accept a fight with rival Manny Pacquiao, both fighters showing great form of recent and being regarded as the best pound for pound fighters of their generation.

With a number of emerging stars as well as high profile fighters looking to make a bigger name for themselves this year, you simply can’t afford to miss out on the free bets and boxing odds that the online bookmakers have to offer you.

The popularity of online sports betting has increased year on year and there is no sign of that figure being about to slow down, so if you are still one of the bet makers that are traveling down to the local bookies to make your bets, you are missing out on some fantastic odds, deals and promotions. 

Bookmakers like Bet365 are offering you the chance to be able to unlock as much as £200 in free bets and that money can be used on any sport that takes your fancy, so if you wanted to keep it all for boxing betting online then you can or if you want to try out a couple of other sports risk free (without using your own money), this would give you the best possible chance to do so. 

Getting your hands on the Bet365 free bets couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is sign up to the site, deposit an amount that you feel comfortable with and then make your first real money bet online through their site, they will then match the bonus up to £200. 

Free money that now means you can have up to £200 in free betting on the boxer that you think will win the fight of your choice or you can throw an outside bet out there and run the thrill of hoping the underdog will overcome the heavy favourite in a match up that could well pay off with significant gains!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Straying From Cards To The Wheel

As many of you may well know, I have been playing poker for the last 5 years and have had a fair amount of success when it comes to weighing up the profit that I have made against the investment that I made at the time of account creation but I’m now looking for a little more excitement. 

My love of online gambling is at no point addictive but I do love the thrill and excitement that I get with every bet that I make, so I think that I need to look for my next big thrill as I seem to have hit a level at the online poker tables that has made the game less about fun and more about grinding out paying finishes, something that I vowed would not happen if I was to continuing playing as much poker as I do.

So with the need to spice up my online gambling antics a little I’m thinking that I might turn my attention to online Roulette, the game that can make or break you in moments, the game that I constantly see punters winning and losing thousands on every time that I go to the local casino.

I don’t know what it is about the game that draws me to it, whether it is the huge amount of luck element that comes into winning, the increased chance that I will be unlikely to beat the house or simply that you look cool as hell when you are raking the big winnings, but that’s the live action not online.

I have always looked to steer away from roulette as I have seen those casino films where they make out that the wheels are weighted and pushed into the favour of the house, something that has never really interested me, the chance to be able to make the casino richer that it already is.

But with the opening of level playing rooms where there is an equal chance against the house, I could be persuaded into having a small flutter at the wheel, after all you only live once.

Anyone got any roulette tips for me?

Monday, 16 January 2012

Monster Klitschko Targets Easy Bout Against Mormeck

Well I have always enjoyed watching a one sided fight when it comes to watching one professional being beaten around the boxing ring like a rag doll but the news that the man mountain also known as Wladimir Klitschko looks likely to alter my view on that as soon as he stands in the ring with the latest challenger Jean Marc Mormeck. 

Boxing news stories have revealed that the fight is scheduled for March and will see the IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion of the world have to take on a relatively new heavyweight fighter that only has three fights experience within the new weight division that he has entered into. 

Now although I enjoy seeing two mean throw blows that would rock a brick wall, let alone a man, this fight looks so one sided that I would be throwing the white towel into the ring for Mormeck the moment that Kitschko steps inside the ropes but it seems that he will be looking to cause an upset.

Finding the inner strength to even consider this a fair fight simply isn’t working for me but if Mormeck feels that this fight is going to be his big moment then I hope that he is prepared for the onslaught that is set to come crashing down on him, jab after jab. 

Now usually I am against betting on boxing fights that are so one sided that the odds are pointless even considering but just for the fact that Mormeck has even dreamt about going through with this fight shows that he certainly has the heart for the contest, although that is not going to help him as the monster Klitschko rains pain on him from the highest peaks of the heavyweight division but even an outsider joke bet could be well worth a push on this one. 

I’m not talking about throwing hundreds at the contest, just more like placing £5 on the mass underdog to come up with something that will be able to slay the brute force of the man mountain he stands in front of. 

Work on the fact that you are going to miss out on any return from the bet but should lightning strike, the lights go off and one of the fans jump out of the crowd to knock Klitschko out, at least you will have something on the great return  that you’ll get!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Don’t Fall Into the Limited Games Trap

So many of the online poker players that I know tell me that they have being playing Texas Hold’em Poker online since day one of their decision to join the online revolution but I know that they have come from a live poker background of a number of different variants?

I mean I know that Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular version of the game online but surely they would be better playing a variant of the game that they are more experienced with rather than simply following the crowd of players before them that rush to the Hold’em tables?

It seems that online poker seems to come hand in hand with Texas Hold’em for many players, even those that have come from a background in another version of the game but I think that it would be interesting to see what they could present when they stick to their own knowledge and take on a whole new concept, playing a game for real money that they truly feel comfortable playing.

I say this as I have recent been speaking with a neighbour of mine who I know goes to the local casino to engage in Caribbean Poker games, the sort that see you sat at machines rather than tables and taking on the house rather than some shark that is trying to make you think that he can’t hold the cards right let alone roll the poker chips through his fingers like a pro.

Mark, the lad from next door was a little concerned about trying out the online version of the game so I told him about, a site that I had found that seemed to give players the chance to have a look at the sites that were offering the game in more detail than some of the other listing results, so looking at their Bet365 casino review would give you more of an insight for what you were in for when you joined the site.

To this day Mark is still reluctant to join the casinos to play the game as he says that he has his money locked into the poker sites so it could take a part stake from me but I will feed back the results when I get him there!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

PokerStars Marketing Code Explained


When it comes to the world of online poker no body beats PokerStars, especially now that they're offering the PokerStars marketing code which can get you huge bonuses. The fun and excitement of popular games such as Stud, Texas Hold'em, HORSE and more can be yours thanks to PokerStars and their friendly gaming environment. Here is some info on how the marketing code works, how to use it and how to have a great time at PokerStars!

Getting Ready for a Good Time

The very first thing you're going to want to do is to download and install the PokerStars software. This is a quick and easy process and once it is complete you will be prompted to create your account. This is also very easy, intuitive and takes only a few minutes to complete. During the process you will also be prompted to enter your PokerStars marketing code. Now keep in mind that there is more than one code available to enter when you're doing this. As of this writing the best code to enter is PSP18116 which will get you $600 free funds within your real money account, subject to your first deposit into the account.

Enjoying PokerStars

Aside from the generous PokerStars marketing code one of the best things about PokerStars is the fact that they are the largest poker room in the world allowing you to play with other poker enthusiasts across the globe. Sadly the US government has decided that its citizens should be banned from playing online poker for real money but at PokerStars you can still play for fun if you live in the US. The sense of community and excitement are second to none when you're apart of a group who shares a true love for the game. Whether you're a casual player or a hardcore professional you'll have a great time at PokerStars.

Cash In and Cash Out

In addition to offering you the handy PokerStars marketing code to help you get started PokerStars also offer quick and seamless deposits and cash outs. You can rest easy knowing that all transactions are 100 percent safe and secure so you don't have to worry about anyone breaking into your account or getting a hold of your information. PokerStars understands the importance of protecting not only your money but also your identity as well.

All in all PokerStars is a great place if you're looking to get started with online poker or if you're a seasoned veteran who wants a challenge. With the PokerStars marketing code you can set out on the right foot and make your experience one to remember.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

PokerStars Bonus Code: A Small Advantage in a Big Game

Anyone that's ever played poker, whether it was at a Saturday night game or a big casino, knows you need every advantage that you can get. Well if you've decided to take your game online then you have all sorts of little ways you can get a leg up over the house. One of these, as pointed out by UK Poker Site Reviews, is to take advantage of the PokerStars Bonus Code in order to get double the amount you buy in with up to the amount of $600!

Does that sound too good to be true? It likely does to many gamblers who are looking for the advantage the house gains from being magnanimous, but that doesn't mean you can't seize the advantage with this bonus code program. After all if an online casino chooses to offer a gift in order to draw in more gamblers to the table then why not lay down your money and get double the return before you've even been dealt a single hand? All you need to do is to get your PokerStars Bonus Code and put it in when you make your first deposit (there's no going back after the fact and trying to retroactively apply a code) and you'll get matched, end of story.

However, there are a few hoops to jump through and a little red tape to go through. You can't just deposit, get your bonus and then take all the money and run. No, you have to play in order to get the bonus to clear so that you can take it as a pay out. Depending on the amount you receive as a bonus, you have to receive a certain amount of VPPS, which is determined by the entry fee of the game that you join. Once you earn a certain number of VPPS, win or lose when it comes to the actual game, your bonus bucks will be released into your account and you can take them to the bank. And what's even better is that, if you get your bonus code for the first ever deposit you made, you can stretch the effectiveness over 2 other deposits within your first 90 days, though the number of games you have to play and the VPPS you have to earn will also go up. So what is it you're waiting for? There's free money to be earned!