Sunday, 13 April 2014

Whoa! Don't Miss The Xbox One Deal I Just Got

Hi readers,

Sorry that I haven't updated the site for a while but I have been busy with moving house and all that comes with it but I wanted to make sure that I touch base and let all of you gamers have the chance to be able to grab the cheap Xbox One deal that I picked up today.

Speaking to a friend he told me that Tesco had reduced the price on their Xbox One console + Titan Fall package to £349, making it £50 off the price when they first came out but then while I was looking for a voucher code to make it a little cheaper for me (yeah moving house has left me with limited cash flow at the minute) I came across the site and it seems that they have a code on there that works and knocks £10 more off the price!

I can't remember the code I used exactly as it was just random letters with a dash in it but you should be able to get it easily as its the bottom one on their Tesco page (

It doesn't say when the voucher runs out but with the discount making it cheaper it may well be grabbing one sooner than later, I mean £10 is £10 isn't it.

Right better get the unpacking done so that i have the time to play on it now!