Friday, 30 September 2011

Save the Birds! They Have A Right To Be Angry!

Angry Birds Rio Online, opens with little blinking birds, trapped in cages in an old warehouse. Who will save them? Angry birds, of course! They are back, they have a sling-shot, and they are upset.

The music is a remix of the song from the original Angry Birds, and it has a funky beat, which is game stopping, because it inspires a bit of dancing when it’s played.

This, “Angry Birds” is different from the original in that you are freeing kidnapped birds, rather than, attacking green pigs, that have done birds wrong by stealing their eggs. The first one is about vengeance. The online “Rio” version is more about saving the day, and these poor caged birds.

The graphics are simple, but hold the player’s interest none the less. The mouse is the unit of control on this game, and at times there was a bit of a lag when moving the hand to pull back the sling-shot. Who the player actually is in this game is a quandary because it appears that the player is the hand, or the power of the hand, but in the first game, it is never understood as to why the pigs stole the eggs, and the eggs must not have been all that fresh, because the pigs turned green from eating them. Even with these puzzlers, it doesn’t matter because the game is fun to play.

If there was any complaint, it would be this. When you shoot the birds, and they hit, the damage is shown, and then the screen slowly pans back to where the sling-shot is, and it takes so long, the player has to take gingko biloba to remember where to aim the next bird.

The attention grabber is assessing the set-up of the boxes in relation to the placement of the birds, and figuring out what kind of bird is in the sling-shot and what angle to shoot it at. The ratio of birds to shoot to the boxes that need to be hit is at times challenging to figure out, and causes that repetitive, “I will try just ONE more time to hit them” game playing drive.

This gamer, began playing and was so into the game, played for an hour and had to be dragged away, kicking and screaming, “SAVE THE BIRDS!!! They have every right to be angry!!!," and forced to write this review.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Angry Birds Online Review

The addictiveness of the game had compelled Rovio Mobile Ltd to introduce the flash game version of Angry Birds online on the handsets of mobile phones to enhance the craze for this physics game. This game provides slingshots to the user to target the pigs put on various places in the game, through the birds. The game gets harder to play, for recovering the egg from the pigs who stole them, as it progresses.

Angry birds online is the flash version of the original version of the game which was introduced in 2009. Since then the company, Rovio Mobile Limited had introduced various versions of the game to be played on various applications like android, blackberry, PC and online flash games and iPhone.

The game provides you a slingshot that enables you to fire angry birds on the pigs and their young ones placed on ice, stone, wood and various structures, for the purpose of recovering eggs stolen by these annoying pigs. The game becomes tougher as you proceed further. You are offered with various other birds and targets like pigs, monkeys etc. having special capabilities of different kinds.

To play actively you will have to drag the sling with the help of your mouse and release it aiming on the target and hit the structure to release the birds in the cage cross the room. This game can be played easily upto initial levels but the strategies change in the advanced levels of the game. The game offers you different obstacles in every level to set the birds free by hitting with the sling shot like the cages are provided with locks that has to be hit opened by the bird to free the birds in the cage.

The flash version of Angry Birds online is an interesting game to be played in the initial stages but it becomes boring as one proceeds on and on because of the repetition of the skills in every level with a bit change. The advanced levels, if you succeed in completing them, are easy to proceed further.

Even though the advanced levels of the game become easy to win and the interest of the player gets lost but the sounds, graphics and colors of the game page are excellent in quality and perfection. The bright colors of the game attract the player to visit and play it gain and again.