Friday, 12 April 2013

5 Free Online Games That Are Big Right Now

Due to the online gaming market being flooded with titles almost daily, the interest in the offerings that the industry has seen have resulted in a number of gaming titles becoming hit games within days of release and there are many games out there which are pulling in some very impressive search volume to say the least.

With these gaming titles now quickly becoming available on multiple sites, we thought that we would highlight some of the games that are stealing the online action for many gamers, so that you too can play some of the best free online games on the market, so check out the list and see which of these takes your fancy…

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels has become a title that is a must play for any racing or physics game fan as the game offers the very best of both world, basing a racing game on the 2D physics game engine to really offer a new dimension to the world of racing games and with the added bonus of more blood than you would see in a horror movie, skipping over this one would be considered to be a sin by many.

Pokemon Tower Defense

The world of online tower defense games seems to be growing at a rapid rate and with so many styles of tower defense game out there at the moment, it can be hard to be able to find one that you really get involved with but it seems that the volume of players that are looking for the Pokemon Tower Defense series is so high that clearly we have a must play title here too.

So being given the chance to be able to battle your Pokemon against those wild ones that are attacking the city, stepping up to the limelight has never been so fun.

Ultimate Raceway

Car racing games have always been a big market but with as many titles within this category as we dare to even think about naming, we needed to see something new, fresh and exciting to be able to add it into the list that we have for you today and a recent spike in interest in this F1 racing title was enough to be able to allow us to do that.

Choose which of the F1 teams you want to represent and put your foot down as you look to find the best racing line around the track to make sure that you are taking home the championship.

Racing Toys

Another of the free online car racing titles that we have for you in the list but one that comes from the interest that surrounds a classic title that couldn’t fail to hit the spot for many of the gamers that we have spoken to.

Inspired by the MicroMachines series of games that were more used to been seen in console gaming format, Racing Toys offers you the ability to steer your way through a series of tracks that just like Micro Machines, offers you the chance to have to avoid everyday objects that are seen in regular day life, such as milk spillages!

Temple Run Online

Although it seems that there is loads of search volume for the game at the moment, that has to be related to the release of Temple Run Oz that has stormed onto the scene, bringing the very best of Temple Run gameplay into the magical world of Oz as depicted by the popular Wizard of Oz story.

As yet we have not been able to find any of the Temple Run games online but it seems that there is great interest in the games that are being substituted into its place, so you can check those out and let us know what you think.