Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Free Games Usage in Schools?

Believe it or not, the world of online gaming has become more of a feature within the classroom than anyone could have predicted and thanks to the sea of game developers that are battling it out to provide the very best in gaming titles that are suitable for children during school time, it seems that things such as maths and physics based games are being brought into the lesson timetable by teachers!

That’s right, no longer are lessons about having to sit and look at a whiteboard for a double period or even having to sit through mock tests, instead it seems that education has finally realised that there is a place in the market that can help students to get to grips with important lessons in both the mathematical and physics field.

With websites like GamesCroc.com offering cool math games for kids and other well known brands within the free gaming world doing the same, teachers are now seeing that there is an interactive way in which students can learn and in a way that they don’t even know that they are learning, instead they feel that they are having fun!

With the educational system constantly finding new ways to engage with children and older students it looks like the free gaming market is more than willing to offer them an alternative to text book learning as we knew it…

Do you think that we are going to see lessons and classes become more interactive through the creation of further lesson based games or will the faze die out?

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Crushing Candy Has Never Been So Much Fun

Now anyone that knows me and my gaming habits will know that I am not one of those conventional gaming types of guys that gets caught up in the hype that comes with large scale mobile games but man I have slipped into the dark side with the latest title I have been playing.

Now although I hate adding free gaming apps to my iPhone, a taste of the delight that Candy Crush Saga Online had to offer later resulted in me adding the free mobile game to my phone, finding its home next to the only other title I have on there, Plants vs Zombies.

A simple yet addictive title of connect 3 or more, the concept on the game is so simple that there is no where that I would have even dreamed that I would be interested in it but after checking out just how long I have spent on it over the past few days, I am nothing short of addicted.

A sad fact but one that I am more than happy to stand by, judge me all you want but I challenge you to head to the app store and download it, play it a couple of times and then see if you want to delete it or not... 

Give me a shout if you do fancy playing it, my invite will still be free to you but will allow me to play more of the game!