Thursday, 15 November 2012

Trying to cut down on the gambling!

Well with the football season in full flow, the online casino market offering some of my perfect gaming themes and online poker being very good to me at the moment, it seems that there is something still annoying my girlfriend, the fact that I gamble at all.

Now I know that I have control over the actions that I make while gambling but it seems that seeing stories like this one [story] scare the hell out of her and she has asked me to spend a little less time on there.

So in the agreement which saved me hours of ear ache, I have agreed to spend a little gambling but that means that I have hours a week to pass, so I have been looking for stuff to help me pass the time.

So with me having to spend a little less time at the tables, I thought that you might appreciate some heads up on what I have been doing instead:

Happy Wheels game online
Free games online from FizzleGames << Great site

Other than those, I have read more news than I can stomach and generally just floated about the internet, trying to avoid the latest betting offers that sites have to offer lol! 

I'll get some data sorted on my past couple of months and let you guys know how my gambling antics have been treating me financially.

Peace out!