Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Whoa! Google Forces Me To Clean Up!

I know that i'm not the only one that has been threatened with the prospect of being thrown out of the limelight that is the Google search results but the difference between me and the other guys that have been slapped with the huge Google tickle stick is that I don't build backlinks! Or even try for that matter!

So over the years I have had a number of websites that I have spouted my garage on and it seems that every once in a while there will be a couple of people that like the abusive nature of my rants (mellowed out a lot since) that they decided to share it with others via one of these so called backlinks.

I have no problem with people sharing that about and don't monitor the situation in any way but it seems that although I haven't posted on these sites for years, Google is now taking action against me for not keeping a clean (link based) house.

Warnings of unnatural links pointing into my site shouldn't bother me as the site mentioned has never been more than a hobby site that never made money, hell it had no way to be able to do it as ads are evil! 

So now, without the willing to loose my website into the darkness of the coveted Google bin, I have been forced to get someone to come in and tell these linkers that its time to stop linking into my site and move on... 

So speaking to a couple of guys that I knock about with they mentioned something to do with a UK company that offer the service for a one off fee and it depends on the number of links i have into my site (Google, you owe me the frigging money for this so if you read this let me know where to invoice!).

I contacted them to see what they said about the site and so far it seems that they know what they are talking about anyway, so should be interesting to see what sort of recovery the site makes with those guys doing the work while I leave it to rot as per usual haha!

Oh, the site doing the work for me by the way is www.linkdeletion.com, they seem nice enough (but not really someone that deals with this sort of thing normally so take them as you find them!).